The Emerald Atlas

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They also eat lots of insects. Identification: Adults have dark blue iridescent feathers on their back, with a snow white throat and breast. Males and females look alike, although females may be a little more greenish. Some adults are drab gray. They look like they are wearing a tuxedo. In contrast, the Violet-green swallow Tachycineta thalassinawhich is found only in the West, is smaller, has emerald and violet above and white cheek patches extending over their eyes, and their wingtips project well beyond the tips of their tails.

Azure orchard mason bee Osmia lignaria. Nesting blue orchard mason bees Osmia lignaria. There are a number of bees, called mason bees, that are actual good at pollinating fruit trees, accordingly much so that they are additionally known as orchard bees. Mason bees members of the genus Osmia after that leaf cutter bees members of the genus Megachile are similar in a lot of ways: they carry pollen on their bellies rather than on their back legs and they nest in holes.

Calvary Momentum Pictures In this pitch-dark clown, an Irish priest played by Brendan Gleeson receives a death threat, after that he has a week to amount out if it's for real. He spends the next seven days accomplishment his affairs in order, visiting along with parishioners who may be evocative of the Seven Deadly Sins. Watch after that you'll see why: The delightful account follows Brendan, a young man all the rage medieval Ireland, who befriends a elf and heads off on a astonishing quest to fight evil. Leap Day Universal The setting is pretty a good deal the only thing Irish about this movie, but we'll take any ability we can get to watch Amy Adams on screen. In this film, she flies to the Emerald Atoll to propose to her boyfriend arrange Leap Day, since she heard it was Irish tradition that if a woman proposes on February 29, the man has to accept. Ondine Magnolia Pictures Colin Farrell plays a fisherman who catches a woman in his nets. His daughter believes that the woman is a mythical selkie. Could she be right? Not for the faint of heart, star Michael Fassbender looks emaciated in the role, allegedly losing more than 40 pounds designed for the film.

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