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Shelves: hardy-boys Ok this isn't a specific review of the books. There are quite a few hardy boys books and I read them over a period of several years but that was around years ago now. Some I remember clearly and I will be specific about those at the end of this part of the review. This section is really an overview of the series.

It seems like great fun until Nancy overhears a plan to sell CIA secrets to another country. They're conducting an intense manhunt for a brace of big-time cat burglars. And they're sure the daring criminal duo bidding try to scoop up a distinctive prize -- the spectacular crown jewels of Sarconne, which are on ceremony at a museum. Nancy's best acquaintance Bess is enjoying the holiday flavour with a dream date -- a handsome and mysterious guy called John. To impress Bess, John takes the gang on a torrid tour of Manhattan's fabulous nightlife. Their fling includes everything from horse-drawn carriages in Chief Park to drawn guns at the Park Avenue Hotel.

Industrial by Steve Cochrane and Jason Boulder, this new and improved version of The Hardy Boys breaks away as of its predecessors and instead, takes arrange a more mysterious tone steeped acutely in the supernatural. Both are coast town mysteries with supernatural components, afterwards all. Most of the time, anyhow. It takes Campbell a bit longer to settle into the more straight-laced Frank, who starts out stiff after that unsure in his ability to bear a series. This show never actually forgets these kids are still kids; routinely dropping the boys in scenarios that end with them paying exceedingly for careless mistakes.

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