Dating game: Men go for looks women are picky study says

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And guys won't be surprised to learn that women are much choosier about partners than they are. Todd, of the cognitive science program at Indiana University, Bloomington, said in a telephone interview. Researchers led by Todd report in today's edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that their study found humans were similar to most other mammals, following Darwin's principle of choosy females and competitive males, even if humans say something different. Participants ranged in age from 26 to their early 40s and took part in speed dating, short meetings of three to seven minutes in which people chat, then move on to meet another dater. Afterward, participants check off the people they'd like to meet again, and dates can be arranged between pairs who select one another. Speed dating let researchers look at a lot of mate choices in a short time, Todd said. In the study, participants were asked before the session to fill out a questionnaire about what they were looking for in a mate, listing such categories as wealth and status, family commitment, physical appearance, healthiness and attractiveness.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? Need a airy start? A few weeks before so as to, I went out with a altered partnered friend, and we gossiped a bit about one of our common, single amigas. I constantly hear variations on the idea of being also picky directed at myself and erstwhile single women, although the language tends to be softer: It took me a while to fall in adoration with my husband, you should allocate the guy a fair chance as he really seems to like you. Hey, it's not everyday you assemble a smart, cute, successful guy akin to him. Yes, really. Here, three adult reasons everybody needs to cool it with declaring my standards are also high: 1. You're telling me not to trust my gut.

After women were assigned to the by tradition male role of approaching potential adore partners, they were not any pickier than men in choosing that distinctive someone to date, according to the speed dating study. That finding, of course, is contrary to well-established evolutionary explanations about mate selection. An great quantity of such research suggests that women are influenced by higher reproductive costs bearing and raising children than men and thus are much choosier after it comes to love interests. The new study is the latest delve into of two Northwestern psychologists whose well-reported work on speed dating offers beyond compare opportunities for studying romantic attraction all the rage action. Deviating from standard speed-dating experiments -- and from the typical conventions at professional speed-dating events -- women in the study were required en route for go from man to man all through their four-minute speed dates half the time, rather than always staying deposit. In most speed-dating events the women stay in one place as the men circulate. Regardless of gender, those who rotated experienced greater romantic appeal for their partners, compared to those who sat throughout the event. The rotators, compared to the sitters, tended to have a greater interest all the rage seeing their speed-dating partners again.

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