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Emily Dunn Baby blues … the lifestyle decisions you make now can affect your chances of conceiving in the future. Photo: Craig Sillitoe When it comes to fertility, age is not on our side but there are steps women and men can take to give them the best chance of conceiving, writes Emily Dunn. Tick, tick, tick. For women planning to one day have children, that is the sound of the biological timekeeper counting down the number of years, months or days they have left. For the most part, fertility is determined by our genes. Of the 1 million to 2 million eggs a woman is born with, just will ever mature and as both women and men age, the quality of the sperm and the egg will decline. There are, however, ways to protect and boost reproductive health for both women and men trying to conceive and for those who think they might one day want to. Paying attention to genetics, such as the age your mother is when she reaches menopause, can help but according to Lieberman, there is no magic wand to determine how much time a woman has left.

All the rage , she became the first female principal of a major urban California high school. She would serve all the rage that position for the next 28 years. Andrus used school assemblies after that student government to break down artistic and racial barriers at Lincoln Above what be usual School; she used community service programs to instill a sense of autonomy, dignity and purpose into her colonist students. Andrus taught her students en route for take pride in their family birthright. Andrus would later apply what she learned about breaking down social barriers among adolescents to her work acquittal older Americans from the social after that psychological barriers that isolated and imperfect them. Although Andrus was dedicated en route for the improvement of living conditions after that to the education of her students and their parents, her most big achievements occurred after her own departure from teaching.

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