Ask a Widow: Yes It’s Okay to Want to Have Sex Again

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Our spouses both unexpectedly died within 3 days of each other and both of us have processed our grief journey fairly openly. Which, objectively, is an improvement. No longer frozen, but the crawling was so painful. It made me sick. I had to stop reading before I gave in to the temptation to rain fire in response to every comment. Instead I decided to address them here all at once. So, my dear ignorant, judgmental, assholes, this one is for you. Its been 15 months! How long should a widow sit in isolation before YOU are comfortable enough to release them from their solitary confinement?

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Not just about desire or datingbut essentially about sex. Even when you are grieving. Last week, I asked my readers to let me know the questions they had about widowhood after that grieving. Many people wrote me, after that the overwhelming topic was sex. A composite of the most common addendum went something like this: My companion died a few months or years ago.

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