An Adventure Lover’s Guide to Niagara Falls

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Designed for a soaking good time, don your gear and get ready to cross the rapids at high speeds all the rage an open-air jet boat with Current Jet Boat Tours. Or for those who prefer options, Niagara Jet Adventures offers both an enclosed and al fresco whitewater experience, speeding passengers through the Niagara River aboard high-spec bespoke rigs. Take a Scenic Hike Grab your boots and sense of adventure. Assume some company? From mountain biking all the way through vibrant forests to pedaling along the historic Erie Canal Trailway, your crossing awaits. Trips glide above the hasten waters on an electric journey as of the mighty Upper Niagara River en route for the Falls themselves. Even more epic?

An abundance of turquoise waters, lush bottle green lands, and deep caverns excite thrill-seekers craving an adrenaline rush. An action-packed collection of adventures in Jamaica is available, but what are YOU looking for? Imagine the adventure of a lifetime. A warm flush of the face while minor trembles shake droplets of cool sweat from your apprehensive body. You feel hot blood pumping through the veins while your heartbeat rivals the island drums.

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