Casual sex left me feeling worthless: how a one-night stand left one woman emotionally destroyed

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Walt Disney revised the scenario inimagining that the prince's kiss is what revives the princess and rescues her from endless sleep. But we've had another half-century to grow jaundiced, and the young woman in writer-director Julia Leigh's new Sleeping Beauty is no princess. She's largely alone. When she is put into deep sleeps, it's only for one night.

As a result of CBSNews. The Associated Press contributed en route for this gallery. For generations, the artist, comedian and television presenter Betty Ashen January 17, December 31, was individual of TV's most familiar and adore faces, often hilariously playing against the sweet image of her smiling eyes and dimpled cheeks on the chain The Mary Tyler Moore Show after that The Golden Girls. After the battle, when she served as a affiliate of the American Women's Voluntary Services, she began hosting a live array show, Hollywood on Television, in White played the part hilariously, after that became a fixture of the chain, winning two of her five Emmy Awards for the role. A self-proclaimed workaholic, White continued making numerous caller appearances on shows, in addition en route for authoring more than a half-dozen books, and raising money for animal causes. At age 88 she became the oldest guest host of Saturday Dark Live following a social media battle targeting the show's producers; and she was invited onto the pilot of the sitcom Hot in Cleveland — and ended up staying through episodes.

By the party where they'd met, the prospect of a no-strings, one-night abide with a handsome young man had felt sexy, slightly dangerous, liberating after that a salve to the ego next the end of a four-year affiliation. After all, in this day after that age, if men can do it, why can't women? Only when Aisling woke up, she didn't feel activist. As her conquest departed with hardly a backward glance, she felt old and cheated, even though she'd been under no illusion that it capacity lead to anything more. She anxious about what the man really accepted wisdom of her as a person, can you repeat that? friends would say if they bring into being out, why her one-night stand had been so eager to depart devoid of asking for a phone number. She felt rotten. In short, she regretted every second of it. We broken up having sex, and in the morning I was mortified.

Shelves: regency-romances , lmao , love-the-protagonist , Ohhh, this was super good. The premise was super cute and a minute ago th Ohhh, this was super able. The premise was super cute after that just the perfect set-up for a romance. She was a stereotypical association obsessed mother with her lying a propos their lack of money and her horrible attempts at speaking French phrases in order to sound cultured.

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