In the End People May Really Just Want to Date Themselves

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April 3, Attention all tall women out there, don? As a woman who stands 6-feet tall, it? But a lot of times tall women, like me, feel unfeminine when they can do things like know who has dandruff in any given room. Tall women never have to work hard at getting attention, especially from the gawking eyes of men. We could walk into a room and turn heads even if we have sweats on; hair? We can also gain 20 lbs. These are just some of the benefits of being a long-legged female, but boy are there downfalls. If you? College has confirmed to me that men will always go for the trophy belly-leveled types.

The data reveals a clear pattern: Ancestor are interested in people like themselves. Women on eHarmony favor men who are similar not just in apparent ways — age, attractiveness, education, earnings — but also in less clear ones, such as creativity. In actuality, of the traits in the fact set, there was not one designed for which women were more likely en route for contact men with opposite traits. Designed for 80 percent of traits, they were more willing to message those altered from them. Men showed no such preference. There are some nuances at this juncture. Since eHarmony publicizes this fact, the site may well attract online daters who are sympathetic to its attitude. The eHarmony data I used is incomplete: It includes no gay couples, because eHarmony does not make same-sex matches on its main site.

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