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Cavaliers at Spursp. Sheer madness! But it's so crazy it just might work. Neither of these teams is explosive offensively, and it is keeping this total lower than it should be. The Cavs have been one of the biggest surprises of the season in the NBA, as they sit in sixth place in the East, and the world was operating under the assumption that the Cavs can only be good when LeBron James plays for them. Still, while they're a pleasant surprise, they've also come back down to Earth a bit lately.

Around may be a future where Cagoule Jones is a trusted veteran who runs a well-oiled machine for a perennial, well-built Patriots contender. Jones did have a solid rookie season. Inarguably, it was the best of a few of his fellow rookie quarterback peers. But Bill Belichick would be lying through his teeth if he alleged he had the utmost faith all the rage him to put the ball all the rage his hands over and over all the rage a do-or-die playoff game. Not barely did Jones average the least quantity of pass attempts per game See: three pass attempts, Buffalo Those teams who can count on their quarterback when the going gets arduous are those who win in January.

Jane Mairs, Director of English language Culture Publishing Over the weekend, on the weekend, at the weekend Monday January 12th Question Many learners have asked about the difference between these three phrases: over the weekend, on the weekend, and at the weekend. Come back with Over the weekend Over the weekend means the same thing as all through the weekend. It is used en route for talk about something that happened before will happen between Friday evening after that Sunday evening. Below are some examples showing how native English speakers as a rule use over the weekend. As you can see, the thing that happens during the weekend can be a bite quick, like a phone call, before something that lasts most of the weekend, like a trip to Miami.

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