Dealing With a Relative Who Drinks Too Much During the Holidays

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Ask for Help Occasionally, everyone comes across a big cheese who drinks too much—a coworker by an office party or a academy friend at a wedding. But, after that person is a relative who consistently drinks too much—especially around the holidays—the situation becomes a little add challenging and laughing it off doesn't seem like a suitable answer. Whether you drink yourself, or you've absolute that's not the life for you, dealing with a relative who misuses alcohol is stressful, especially if you love the person dearly. Consequently, accept how to approach these situations after that conversations is important. Here are a few ideas on how to address your relative's drinking in a direct after that honest way. Acknowledge Your Feelings Affection angry, upset, embarrassed, or frightened after your relative drinks too much is normal and understandable, especially if they have a tendency to become abusive or belligerent. Consequently, you may air anxious or afraid around them before re-experience negative memories from the ancient even before they are intoxicated.

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