'Let's go Brandon' explained

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Loud chants of Fuck Joe Biden came as the reporter referenced a cheer for the driver instead. Get a daily selection of our top stories based on your reading preferences. Loading Something is loading. Without knowing the backstory, it may appear as though it's a chant for a charitable cause or another fleeting meme. But the origin story of the right's tongue-in-cheek rallying cry is more complicated, and the narrative behind it has become oversimplified as second clips saturate conservative media. While these interviews are normally standard fare, the crowd made things a little more complicated: Chants of Fuck Joe Biden poured down from the stands.

Ancestor who do like Joe Biden started fighting it on social media, at the same time as if the phrase were the hot and greatest threat to democracy, after that social media were the place anywhere great threats to democracy should be fought. If you happen to allow seen a liberal on your timeline in the past few weeks tweeting ThankYouBrandon to a president they are purporting to like and support, this is why. But as for altogether of it together, the bigger ask is still unanswered: Why? This is the beginning of a massive after that unstoppable RED wave.

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