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That question irked and inspired Hungarian-American physicist Eugene Wigner in the s. He was frustrated by the paradoxes arising from the vagaries of quantum mechanics—the theory governing the microscopic realm that suggests, among many other counterintuitive things, that until a quantum system is observed, it does not necessarily have definite properties. Radioactivity is a quantum process, so before the box is opened, the story goes, the atom has both decayed and not decayed, leaving the unfortunate cat in limbo—a so-called superposition between life and death. But does the cat experience being in superposition? Wigner sharpened the paradox by imagining a human friend of his shut in a lab, measuring a quantum system. He argued it was absurd to say his friend exists in a superposition of having seen and not seen a decay unless and until Wigner opens the lab door. By combining the classic thought experiment with another quantum head-scratcher called entanglement—a phenomenon that links particles across vast distances—they have also derived a new theorem, which they claim puts the strongest constraints yet on the fundamental nature of reality.

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By Holmes we learned to apply our theoretical knowledge through practical experiences, akin to giving presentations, working in teams, after that active involvement in our tutorials. I felt better prepared to get addicted to the workforce because of it. I also liked that the lecturers abuse real-life examples in their teaching; after that the fact that they are accessible to help you outside class times was even better. All Holmes baton were really helpful and the IT infra-structure —worked really well. I assume that the Faculty invests a allocation in students; they really look afterwards us.

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