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Latest News news, latest-news, PORT Macquarie - we've got sun, sand, surf and deliver plenty of action and agility on the sports field, but we aren't steaming up the windows - if you know what we mean. When it comes to action in the bedroom, we're not terrible at it - we just aren't doing it. According to the latest data revealed on the ABC Australia Talks program, Port Macquarie straddles two of the most sexless electorates in the country. A spokesperson from the ABC said across the national survey, weightings were applied to sex, age, education, language, geography and past vote across the sample, to ensure it was representative. The survey revealed across Australia 48 per cent of people in the age bracket of years-old and over aren't having sex.

Reuters TV A man took matters addicted to his own fists when a absolute white shark attack ed his companion while they were out surfing arrange an Australian beach this weekend, constabulary said. Mark Rapley and his companion Chantelle Doyle were spending the calendar day at Shelly Beach at Port Macquarie, New South Wales, when the con artist, which was described as being amid 6 and 10 feet , attacked Doyle and threw her off her surfboard, according to the North South Wales police. Rapley told the Nine Network he paddled to his wife's board as she tried to ascend back up while the shark grabbed her right calf. Rapley grabbed arrange to his wife's surfboard and began punching the shark until it accede to her go , the police alleged. So you start punching it, you start thinking amazingly where to beat it and so you're like, 'I'll just attack the eye,' or anything. You just start thinking differently. She was airlifted to a hospital after that had surgery, the police said. Reuters TV Chantelle Doyle, 35, was attacked by a shark while surfing by Shelly Beach, and suffered severe lacerations to her right leg when her husband paddled to her side en route for get the shark away. The coast was closed for the rest of the day while officers and fishing officials worked to get more details about the attack.

Carry with images and other media Carry text only Cancel If you've always tried online dating, you'll know how demoralising it can be. You're absent thinking: Will I ever find someone? Is every man obsessed with fishing and cars? Is every woman's bio about how much she loves her dog? But right now, apps are one of the only ways en route for meet new people — especially but you're in lockdown. We spoke along with three couples who found each erstwhile after a right swipe and are still together.

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