Come a Little Closer by Karen Perry: Clever playing with a killer instinct

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With Come A Little Closer, that heady sense of unease oozes from the very first page, when a blood-stained body ruptures the peace of a summer barbecue. Two decades later, the same affluent street in seaside south Dublin has a basement flat for rent at a knockdown price - and secretive Leah can barely believe her luck at the chance to set up home with boyfriend Jake. Inexorably Leah is drawn into the edgy world of her landlord, Anton… released from what he euphemistically calls 'The Grand State Hotel'. The brutal truth is that, despite protesting his innocence, Anton was convicted of stabbing to death his spiteful wife, Charlotte. Come A Little Closer is heavy on detail in places to start with, but the author is clearly developing an array of tortured relationships… and the devil is in the detail.

Blond hues, warm setting sun, a agile breeze, 10 perfect horses grazing arrange the hillside. From far away, it looks like I exist in a painting. From far away, it looks like something in a coffee agenda book. From far away, our horses are sleek and groomed, with efficient, shiny coats glistening in the bug-free air. Come a little closer, appealing boys, let me run my hands through your manes, bury my accept in your coat, ride like the wind as the autumn air whips through my gorgeous hair so so as to I look just like that female on her mount in the attire poster in the dressing room by the Western store. We will be specimens, just what those stable horses and city dwellers dream of body — free, agile, spirited, untamed, blustery and… Full. I weep. I contract.

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