Latent inhibition

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Surprisingly, BRCA reversion mutations and an ability to form RAD51 foci are frequently not observed in models of acquired PARPi-resistance, suggesting the existence of alternative resistance mechanisms. However, regardless of the mechanisms of resistance, complete and durable therapeutic responses to PARPi-ATRi that significantly increase survival are observed in clinically relevant platinum and acquired PARPi-resistant patient-derived xenografts PDXs models. Download PDF Introduction Despite advances in understanding the genetics of high-grade serous ovarian cancer HGSOC 1standard frontline care remains surgical debulking and platinum-based chemotherapy. Drug resistance to chemotherapy and PARPi, however, ultimately emerges and many women run out of treatment options and die from disease 23. HGSOC has unique genetic mutations and copy-number alterations that render it sensitive to synthetically lethal approaches 18. Despite initial sensitivity to platinum-based chemotherapy and PARPi, HR dysfunctional tumors eventually acquire drug resistance 9. Furthermore, even in responders, patients recur rather rapidly with few durable responses.

Conceptual Abstract: Abstract Saccadic inhibition refers en route for the strong temporary decrease in saccadic initiation observed when a visual distractor appears shortly after the onset of a saccadic target. Here, to achieve a better understanding of this bright star, we assessed whether saccade amplitude changes could accompany these modulations of latency distributions. We show here that ocular backward masking produces a strong saccadic inhibition. In addition, this saccadic embarrassment was accompanied by large and byzantine amplitude changes: a first phase of gain decrease occurred before the saccadic inhibition; when saccades reappeared after the inhibition, they were accurate before briskly entering into a second phase of gain decrease. We observed changes all the rage saccade kinematics that were consistent along with the possibility of saccades being broken up during these two phases of achieve decrease. Introduction Saccadic eye movements accept us to explore our visual atmosphere by aligning the fovea with targets of interest in the visual area. In reaction to a stimulus advent, a saccade will be produced en route for identify it. Latency of this saccade with respect to target appearance bidding belong to the classical reaction age distribution of saccades with a average around — ms Becker, The saccadic inhibition phenomenon consists of modulations of latency distributions.

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