Thematic and Content Analysis of Idiopathic Nightmares and Bad Dreams

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Participants' homes. Measurement and Results: Five hundred seventy-two participants kept a written album of all of their remembered dreams in a log for 2 en route for 5 consecutive weeks. Physical aggression was the most frequently reported theme all the rage nightmares, whereas interpersonal conflicts predominated all the rage bad dreams. Nightmares were rated as a result of participants as being substantially more expressively intense than were bad dreams. After compared to bad dreams, nightmares were more bizarre and contained substantially add aggressions, failures, and unfortunate endings. Conclusions: The results have important implications arrange how nightmares are conceptualized and defined and support the view that after compared to bad dreams, nightmares act for a somewhat rarer—and more severe—expression of the same basic phenomenon. Citation: Robert G; Zadra A. SLEEP ;37 2 Third, nightmares have been conceptualized at the same time as frightening dreams for more than 40 y, 14 yet few studies 15 — 17 have actually investigated the range of dysphoric emotions implicated all the rage nightmares.

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