‘Late Night’ makes late night look bleak for women. So we asked how bad it really is

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It was scheduled to debut in late April. Viewers looking for a thriller with the dark comedic feel of a Coen Brothers production might look into Blow the Man Down, an original movie and Sundance Film Festival favorite that began streaming Friday on Amazon Prime. Set in the fictional Maine town of Easter Cove, a fishing village with too many secrets, Down plays up the state's reputation for quirky characters. Still grieving their mother, sisters Mary Beth Morgan Saylor and Priscilla Sophie Lowe have a fateful run-in with a very bad man and are left with a lurid disposal problem. Their grim dilemma puts them in touch with Enid Margo Martindale, Justified, The Americansa friend of their late mother and a local entrepreneur whose enterprise confronts them with dark secrets about dear old mom. Sunday, Smithsoniana deep dive into cloak-and-dagger stories from the Cold War, the Iranian hostage crisis and more-recent tales of Russian infiltration into American neighborhoods. Lewis introduces and sets up each hour-long episode, which includes reenactments, documentary footage and interviews with surviving spies and spymasters from both sides of the Iron Curtain. The first installment revisits a close call from the early s and a single KGB agent whose actions may have prevented a nuclear exchange. Other installments involve a husband-and-wife team who passed themselves off as a normal married couple in a bucolic New Jersey suburb before their arrest in

Akin to the Oscars — which also went without a host this year — emceeing the Emmys is a chancy endeavor for even the most accomplished of entertainers. But there are a load of others who received less than a passing grade. The awards took place in November after being postponed twice following the Sept. Hollywood was on edge and several prominent nominees stayed home. The venue was moved to the now-demolished Shubert Theatre all the rage Century City, and security was above what be usual and tight.

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The proof was in the prizes arrange Wednesday night, when she walked absent with a record-equalling four Brit Awards. Her success is a remarkable accomplishment - all the more impressive agreed that she is operating in a market that has roughly halved all the rage size over the past decade. It is a feat for which she has been been lauded, applauded after that awarded across the globe. And called a freak, by Tim Ingham, the respected music journalist who runs the website Music Business Worldwide. She is not normal, he told me. He called Adele an anomaly, label-proof, after that a beacon of hope for the industry.

Appointment puns. Draw a Venn diagram. The Tonigh Whether staff meetings are also long or unproductive or there are just too many of them, we all have our gripes with meetings and sometimes adding in some humor is the only way to acquire through them! Read on for amusing memes … Humor during meetings accomplish not point to jokes and puns alone, it generally means making absolutely the meeting serves a purpose all the rage an enjoyable way!

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