Cyndi Lauper - Hey now : girls just want to have fun lyrics

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Your girls are there for you when you need to spill the tea, cry your heart out, or party the stress of life away. Experts say that good friendships literally make you healthier — increasing your life span, boosting your immune system, and making you feel healthier as a whole. So basically, planning your next night off with your ladies is doctor-ordered — you better prioritize that party time! Yes, ladies know a thing or two about how to have a good time. We can party harder than a group of frat boys one night and cozy up with a movie and take out the next night. We are awesomely complicated creatures whose whims change and so should our activities! And we have some amazing ideas, tried and true, to have the kind of night that fills up your heart and your Instagram feed. You just need to explore the diverse world of wine flavors.

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This parody is very good. Cheney's Dick - July 02, - Report this comment Hey! Stop beating around the Bushes! That's MY job. Robert J. Pagliaro - July 02, - Account this comment Thanks all and an apology to Cyndi. JD - a minute ago saw you have a few ahead today. I'll take a read afterwards. Bush you've got two lovely daughters.

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