Yellowknife Women's Society

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Not only has she been in the North for decades, and truly understands the joys and complications of buying and selling property up here, she is also incredibly hard working and completely dedicated to her clients. Della went above and beyond helping me sell my condo when I moved to the United States and unexpectedly lost my renter. I knew my situation would be a challenge, not just because of the pandemic, but because of the sheer amount of work that had to happen prior to listing, and the added complication of me no longer even being in Canada! Della handled so much more than I could have ever foreseen. Between organizing painters, coordinating small renovations, cleaners, and dealing with my property management company and my lawyers who needed to get power of attorney on my behalf, Della coached me through the steps to a successful sale, all with me never setting foot in Yellowknife to help. She was part leader, supporter, guide, and advocate.

Our tipi, which houses our Aboriginal Dialect and Culture Program, characterizes the distinctive nature of our school. We a moment ago completed an extensive renovation that has allowed us to improve upon our proud tradition of being an at the heart of part of the downtown scene. Mildred Hall was Yellowknife's first school coach and the original log school abode which bears her name, still sits on our property. Our school was nominated and chosen as one of the Top 40 Schools in Canada as selected by Today's Parent arsenal. Voted in from a field of over schools, we earned this honorable recognition for the unique and assort programming we provide.

Stanton Territorial Hospital is now sending families who would have given birth all the rage Yellowknife south to Alberta for weeks at a time instead, a alter causing immense stress for the ancestor affected. They say the real announce is staff keep leaving because the unit is inadequately managed, placing baton in dangerous and stressful situations. Their names and any identifying information are not being used as they alarm reprisals or the loss of their jobs if managers are able en route for work out who they are. This is an issue of extremely bad management from years back. This is not new to Stanton. We had been saying for so long so as to we could not believe the area had not shut down yet.

Communication from Minister for Women and Femininity Equality and the Parliamentary Secretary The Honourable Maryam Monsef Terry Duguid After everything else summer, we travelled across the countryside to host a series of roundtable discussions on engaging men and boys on gender equality. Advancing gender correspondence benefits all of us, including men and boys, and it is basic for creating lasting solutions to the challenges we face as a citizen. These roundtables not only provided absolute insights on how we can action forward, they also gave us the opportunity to learn about many of the efforts that are already happening. We learned, for example, about Aboriginal men fasting to signal their allegiance to end violence against women after that girls. We heard from groups effective with young men on healthy sexuality, consent, and mental health. We academic about many different neighbourhood centres, businesses, academics and faith communities engaging along with men and boys on a ample range of gender equality issues. The Government of Canada is committed en route for challenging and helping to change invalid gender stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours.

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