58 Stunning Word Tattoo Ideas and Designs

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Ehh, not quite. While some may want to show off their ink for the whole world to see, others might want to have theirs in a more inconspicuous spot. From secret finger tattoos to discreet designs on your hip, here are 15 perfect places to get a tattoo that you can easily hide or show off whenever you want.

All the rage fact, one survey says 75 percent of their respondents admitted to regretting at least one of their tattoos. But the good news is around are things you can do ahead of and after getting a tattoo en route for lower your chances of regret. Not to mention, you can always acquire it removed. Keep reading to ascertain what types of tattoos people apologize for the most, how to lower your risk for regret, how to deal with with regret anxiety, and how en route for remove a tattoo you no longer want. How common is it designed for people to regret their tattoo? Data about tattoos are abundant, especially fact around the number of people who have a tattoo, the number of people who have more than individual, and the average age of accomplishment a first tattoo. A recent Harris Poll surveyed 2, U. The at the outset survey we mentioned also asked respondents about the most regrettable spots designed for a tattoo on the body.

Allow a longer phrase you'd like en route for selectively show off? Get it inked along the curve of the collarbone. Poetry can be a great basis of inspiration. Alfred Prufrock by T. Lettering tattoos are very different as of portrait and picture design pieces, accordingly take your time to find an artist that really specializes in the form of art.

Accomplishment a tattoo isn't a minor adjust, like coloring your hair. Though it's much more important how the surfaces and tools are being sanitized, the shop should look and smell at the same time as clean as a hospital. Make absolutely the artist uses a new, non-refundable needle and ink cup, and wears clean gloves. Reusing needles can spread infection or cause you to agree to a serious illness, like HIV before Hepatitis B. So your artist should use a brand new, single-use aggravate and use all new cups, napkins, and gloves. Watch to make absolutely they open the needle package all the rage front of you to insure it's clean. Check that the surface you're getting tattooed on is a non-porous material. Porous materials, like wood before marble, can be difficult to abundant sanitize, so it's not a able option for a tattoo station. Afterwards you have the parlor picked absent, check out their artists' work arrange Instagram and decide which one you want to work with.

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