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The story is nothing like the trailers you may have seen in the theater. For that all you saw were some cool car scenes with some hot chicks. Nope, this is a movie with an actual plot, well sort of, other than racing cars. So they send in a totally inexperienced, not yet detective, named Brian Paul Walkerto infiltrate the world of the street racers. The entertaining part comes from the car races, the car chases, and what most teenagers always dreamed of, hot cars and hot chicks do teenagers still dream of these things? You wanted to know about cars, you wanted to make them faster, and you knew that if you could get that car, well, you could get the chicks. But the potential was also there for it to be a great undercover cop movie.

Bear, you may be at a analytical juncture! Don't turn back now; you must embrace the state of DSB! You only have a limited casement of opportunity here, sooner or afterwards even the gnarlyest of us acquire hooked up. DSB has long been the single most important element all the rage the evolution of this sport. Be concerned about the evidence: Ever noticed your finest climbing days come after a acute quarrel with your partner, or an embarrassing rejection, or a failed early date? That the longer you attempt without hooking up the more encourage you are on getting out en route for the crags? Look at who industrial this sport: loners, misfits, engineering students.

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