As flu season looms disease experts warn too many young middle-aged adults skip the vaccine

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Eight-day-old newborns had brains as active as those of eight-month-olds. That can put stress on the fetus. An earlier study from Nova Scotia showed that women who are admitted to hospital with respiratory illnesses during flu season while pregnant are more likely to deliver babies that are small for their gestational age or have a low birth weight. The new findings suggest that flu shots help prevent pregnant women from going into premature labour. Urinary tract infections are known to be triggers for pre-term labour Urinary tract infections are known to be triggers for pre-term labour, Legge said. The same may hold true for more widespread infections. The theory is that infection with influenza viruses increase the production of cytokines — chemicals secreted by immune cells.

This app formerly known as the Covid Symptom Tracker allows you to advantage others, but does not give fitness advice. In the US the app is being used by the Nurses' Health Study to identify symptoms all the rage active healthcare workers who are treating people with COVID across the countryside and risking their own health en route for help us. In response to recommendations by Stand Up To Cancer SU2C , the app also includes questions for cancer patients and survivors, such as if they are living along with cancer, what type of cancer after that what treatment they are receiving. But you would like to help absent in this difficult time, then you can. Download the app and allocate daily your own status, even but you are well.

Culture The Future of College? A aggressive tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it along to its essence, eliminating lectures after that tenure along with football games, ivy-covered buildings, and research libraries. What but he's right? September Issue Share Arrange a Friday morning in April, I strapped on a headset, leaned addicted to a microphone, and experienced what had been described to me as a type of time travel to the future of higher education.

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