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Print For the last two decades, Gavin Newsom has been rising to the highest levels of California politics. At the same time, he also has become a multimillionaire businessman, with an upscale chain of wine stores, wineries, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and retail shops stretching from the Bay Area and Napa Valley to Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs. While Newsom has focused his campaign for governor on his progressive politics, he also has touted his success as an entrepreneur and jobs creator, citing the 23 businesses and employees under the umbrella of his PlumpJack Group. Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa hammered him during the primary campaign for making millions in the wine industry while serving as lieutenant governor. Newsom, who declined to be interviewed for this article, has defended himself against the attacks, downplaying the involvement of billionaire Gordon Getty, a longtime family friend who was the first investor in the businesses more than 25 years ago and still has a stake in some.

Carry It was a happy marriage by first, though Dr. Connie Jones would later decide her husband was barely pretending to be a good be in charge of. By the end of their day marriage, he was perennially unemployed, he stopped shaving and cutting his beard, and he seemed depressed. The absolute blow to their marriage came all the rage when he threatened to kill her and kidnap their son, according en route for court records. But as is the case for many survivors of conjugal abuse, her escape from her companion was only just beginning. This undated booking photo shows Dwight Lamon Jones, who police say is responsible designed for killing six people in metro Phoenix. The killings unsettled Arizona.

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Fitness news Grief fades within 6 months for many widows The sad air of a grieving widow may not be entirely accurate, according to a study published on Tuesday showing so as to six months after the death of their partner, nearly half of older people had few symptoms of angst. And 10 percent cheered up, according to the survey conducted by the University of Michigan and paid designed for by the National Institute on Aging. The study, which followed 1, couples over the age of 65 designed for years, looked at the quality of their marriages, their attitudes toward individual another, and the effects on individual spouse after the other died. Accurate to half -- 46 percent -- said they had enjoyed their marriages but were able to cope along with the loss of a spouse devoid of much grieving. They believed that animation is fair and they accepted so as to death is a part of animation, Carr said in a statement.

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