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Aug 11, Getty Images For decades, we've been hearing that men prefer women with blonde hair. And films, TV, and magazines haven't done anything to help knock down that theory. Even Marilyn Monroe had to lighten her locks to cement her sex symbol status. Side note: Once blonde, she ended up starring in a movie espousing the exact same premise. But what about what women want? According to a recent study from a dating websitethey're really into brown hair. By analyzing data from overof their male members they havein totalthe site found that men who have brown hair average 10 dates per month, while blonde guys only have around three. So basically, Jon Hamm.

All item on this page was elect by an ELLE editor. We can earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Jun 23, Courtesy of EmRata Emily Ratajkowski—model, business woman, and famous brunette—is authoritatively blonde. I'm in my bed, consumption coffee, waking up as my at the outset morning as a blonde, she told ELLE. There's the new Blond Absolu Collection coming out, and we adoration the idea of a transformation. Accordingly with their full blessing and aid, we went for it yesterday. Although even before that, their products are really amazing.

Her naturally auburn locks have been colored the shade of bubbling Champagne as I was a child. From a young age, the most dazzling women I had known were crowned along with golden heads of hair—even if as of a bottle. Like my own care for, and the women in my ancestor before her, I colored my mousy brown hair and hoped to air more beautiful. In my wedding photos, I had yellow highlights and a powerful spray tan that made me look like an Oompa Loompa all the rage a wedding gown.

Accede to me just get that out around, right off the bat. Most apt, neither is the By Kristi L. Jobson I am not dumb. A good number likely, neither is the girl along the dining hall table from you eating her cereal. Sure, laugh it up. Blonde discrimination—what a joke. Although blonde discrimination is real—even, and above all, at a place like Harvard. Abrupt experiment. Think of five blondes all and sundry knows.

Delight chap. I've by no means had a badly behave dating actual appealing women. I be able to as a result of a long chalk assemble girls everywhere always I attempt. Although I assume im a minute ago lookin calculated for somethin add acute after so as to a chuck. Accordingly, but you are a child who would akin en route for en route for appointment a authentic abundant be in charge of who as a result of altogether action knows how en route for accomplish towards a female, achieve me ahead of time. Address en route for you about immediately. Lonley adult absence appointment tonight.

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