Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Girls just wanna have 590397

I find it ironic: this three actresses owe it to the the movie that they became famous this were the first leading roles for both SJP and Helen Hunt and now this movie owes it to them that people still want to see it. The movie is simply bad. Really bad. Very unexciting, predictable, acting and lines make one cringe sometimes, plot that we saw times and very shallow characters. Let's look at it: There is this shy, good girl Janey whose dream is to dance. To get to this dream she has to overcome obstacles like her very strict dad who didn't realize that his daughter isn't 7 anymore and a concurrence which is a spoiled, rich girl Natalie.

I thought I had seen all of the dance movies of the 80s. I would say Helen Hunt fans will love her in this individual. There are many more recognizable actors in this silly but action chock-a-block story. The one part I despised was when one of the manly actors made a very crude action on a female actress. This appeal flaw did not have to be in the movie and I am sure it affected the rating. If not this movie is relatively clean. Lot's of dancing and a contest also. Also a romance blooms. It ends well.

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