Chiefs are talking about T.J. Ben Minkah and more

Looking to play 146163

Chiefs are talking about T. While, in the words of Coach Mike Tomlin, the Chiefs 'handled' the Steelers in the first meeting, the Chiefs know this time around it could be a completely different story. Watt, Ray-Ray McCloud and more. I think they're doing a nice job with that. Ben's Roethlisberger playing well. The runner's running well. The offensive line's doing a nice job, and Pittsburgh's always good on that defensive side. They fly around.

Classified two minutes, they could have kneeled three times and run out the clock. The Chargers had two timeouts and could have stopped the alarm clock, but there would have been denial reason for them to push the envelope, given that a tie would get them into the postseason. Actually, when the Raiders ran the globe twice in reality, the Chargers blissfully let the clock run afterward. They didn't care about getting the globe back. From Raiders coach Rich Bisaccia's perspective, his team did have a reason to try to win, though: playoff positioning.

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