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They give each other shit. They laugh it off when they go ass over handlebars. They are crusty and irreverent and carefree. In its most positive connotation, the word jackass refers to someone who pushes the boundaries of human physical capabilities for the sake of having a good time. Other times, pictured alongside other badass women, they ponder how to make their sport more inclusive. In these films, incredible women athletes get their time in the sun, but they are routinely positioned as outsiders breaking into spaces that hold little room for them. To make that space, not only do they have to crush hard, they also have to be model spokespeople for the largest questions that face their sport and society. Stoke films like these do serve an important purpose, though: they ignite a drive to fight for the space we deserve. Girls Gotta Eat Dirt gives this trio the video treatment typically reserved for young dudes, who get to be crass and dirty and dumb while hanging off the sides of cliffs and dropping sick lines.

Akin to most middle school girls, I felt uncomfortable in my own body. I looked at those magazines—which were anticipate to be aspirational—and instead felt intimidated. My arms were much flabbier than the girls I saw in al fresco catalogs. My thighs were thicker than the women hiking up steep mountains. The women in catalogs and ads somehow looked sexy while covered all the rage sweat, their tiny bodies hanging bad rock faces, diving into pristine, distant waters, running up steep mountains. These images made me anxious. I beg outdoor brands to ask themselves: How can we, as an industry, adjust unrealistic body expectations for young girls and women? Our marketing is contributing to eating and exercise disorders. After that anorexia has the highest mortality appraise of any mental illness.

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