Princess: Secrets to Share

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Verified Purchase Princess Carina is from a fierce warrior kingdom and is much smarter than she lets on She goes around in frilly dresses acting like a vapid blonde with no common sense when in truth, she is a spy working for her father, who forces her to keep her true identity a secret, even from the rest of her family. This duel identity that she is forced to live makes her miserable because she can never be her true self in front of anyone. Because of this, it is very difficult to make friends or feel comfortable around anyone. When she met Lina in The Princess and the Pea, she revealed a bit of her true self and earned Lina's trust as a friend. She would have been more than happy to attend Lina's wedding if her father hadn't already sent her regrets behind her back. Prince Stefan, the prince who gets turned into a frog, is Alaric's scheming prankster of a brother with a heart of gold. In the first book, Stefan produced a play that Alaric wrote behind his back, humiliating him, but he did so with the best of intentions. In The Frog Prince, Stefan disguises himself as a sailor to travel to Carina's kingdom to bring her to Alaric and Lina's wedding so that Lina can be a happy bride. Despite his good intentions, he leaves without telling anyone, has an accidental encounter with some mermaids, and ends up getting turned into a frog.

Her widower is long remarried. Her eldest son, once so like her, shows signs of developing the ponderous looks of Philip, his grand-father. Diana should be as passe as ostrich plumes: one of those royal or quasi-royal women, like Mary of Teck before Wallis Simpson or the last tsarina, whose images fade to sepia after that whose bones are white as pearls. Instead, we gossip about her at the same time as if she had just left the room.

Arduous going at times as I bring into being the chapters quite long and elongate winded at times Apr 04, Sanne rated it it was amazing Body a fan of the writings of Jean Sasson, I eagerly got my nose planted into this book, agreed to me for Christmas. Jean teams up with Princess 'Al-Saud' of Saudi Arabia, in exposing more of the corrupt and abusive ways women are treated in this country. While the Princess and her children do amazing charity work for women in bankrupt countries using their own personal funds, the men of the Saudi extravagant family, do everything they can en route for make laws to inhibit any female from becoming what she Being a fan of the writings of Jean Sasson, I eagerly got my beak planted into this book, given en route for me for Christmas. While the Princess and her children do wonderful aid work for women in impoverished countries using their own personal funds, the men of the Saudi royal ancestor, do everything they can to accomplish laws to inhibit any woman as of becoming what she may, and accomplishment good work for humanitarian charities after that the women of their countries. Women are not even allowed to ambition cars in Saudi Arabia, which is one thing I found horrendously absurd.

Shelves: fairy-tale-retellings This is my new favorite series of fairy tale retellings. This series doesn't feel like it's a minute ago trying to reimagine fairy tales, although has a full fledged world along with interlocked plots, fleshed out characters, after that interesting political intrigue. Really refreshing en route for see in this genre, can't delay to read the fourth book all the rage the series. His character arc is fantastic and really well realized, after that he becomes very likea This is my new favorite series of elf tale retellings.

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