Tracey Cox spills the 14 sex secrets women never share : and that all men should know

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Matt sits waiting for the love of his life to emerge from the shower. He jokes with Margot about using all the hot water for the entire island. He enjoys the thought of his wife's showers however, imagining her curvaceous body covered in soap and bubbles. Margot often sings softly to herself whilst showering. This evening she sings sweet songs from their wedding, 'Something Changed' and songs from Damon Albarn. She has an angelic voice, Matt thinks whilst drinking an ice cold beer. The sounds of cascading water ceases and Matt's wife emerges from her steamy hotel shower room. Margot wears a white towel as she enters the room, the cooling air from the window hitting her skin causes pleasant sensations to dance across her body. She has chosen a short towel and not by accident, she wants to tease and play with her husband.

Our fantasies are just as filthy, unPC and out there as yours are. Fantasies are sex scenarios that we are in complete control of. Female are supposed to be naturally disposed towards monogamy, less devious and a lesser amount of interested in sex. One recent US study found 50 per cent of women have cheated on their partners and UK stats are around the same. People cheat sometimes — men and women. Are you kidding?

Pros and Cons of Blow Up Dolls One of the best things a propos choosing to buy an inflatable game is the amount of variety you can choose from. Many are themed and come with specific outfits before uniforms. There are dolls modeled arrange celebrities and well-known porn stars. They have one, two or three holes to choose from and some allow an internal vibrating action. And they are by far the cheapest alternative so there is no reason en route for stick to just one. The biggest shortcoming of blow up dolls, above all with the cheaper ones, is the lack of realism. They don't air, feel and weigh like a actual human being. Another major drawback is the fact that they can be punctured.

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