How to convince someone to get the vaccine

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They got vaccinated. Our experts tell me that cases will go up further before they start to come back down. So, you have to ask yourself: Why is that? Because million Americans are fully vaccinated, including 80 percent of those most vulnerable — our seniors. The vaccines are highly effective. We have enough vaccine for everyone to get vaccinated.

They didn't want to get Covid shots. This is what convinced them. As of encouragement from family to fears above new variants, this is what swayed vaccine holdouts. What -- or who -- can convince someone to acquire vaccinated varies as much as the reasons a person might avoid the Covid shot in the first area. Her granddaughter, Liz Serrano, was add hesitant. She worried the vaccine could endanger her health, despite overwhelming fact indicating it is safe. The ammunition went fine, other than a abscess arm. Seeing how smoothly the ammunition went for her grandmother, and audible range of others who had similar experiences in the weeks that followed, Serrano began to reconsider her position.

Hispanic women are particularly likely to about that the news of these blood clots caused them to rethink their vaccination decision. Despite this, the arc of vaccine uptake and enthusiasm does not appear to have slowed excessively among women over the past month. Among those who are open en route for getting vaccinated but have not but tried to get an appointment, reasons range from safety concerns to logistical barriers to questions about eligibility, after that vary widely by vaccination intention. Designed for example, Black and Hispanic adults are more likely than White adults en route for be concerned about having to avoid work due to side effects, having to pay out-of-pocket for the COVID vaccine even though it is freeor not being able to get the vaccine from a place they assign. Peer networks may play a character in encouraging vaccine uptake among adolescent adults; those who say at slight half of their close friends are vaccinated are much more enthusiastic a propos getting vaccinated themselves compared to those who say just a few before none of their friends have gotten a shot. In addition, young adults may be more receptive than older adults to vaccination requirements in array to travel or attend large gatherings. As the U. Among older adults, similar shares across racial and cultural groups say that they have arrive at least one dose of a COVID vaccine roughly eight in ten among ages 65 and over after that roughly six in ten among ages Among partisans, enthusiasm for getting the COVID vaccine remains highest among Democrats but may have reached a area of little variation among this group.

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