Robyn Urback: How will banning the kippah protect women's rights in Quebec?

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We apologize, but this video has abortive to load. Former premier Jacques Parizeau, the man who came within a hair of winning a referendum en route for break up the country in , says the division of Church after that state has long since been conventional, and the Charter is really a veiled attack on Islam. Of avenue, what do lawyers, teachers, priests, doctors, university leaders or fellow politicians appreciate about anything next to supporters of the Charter like Yves Gauthier, a retiree who outlined his views arrange Thursday. The retiree noted there are a lot of women in the medical profession these days. Drainville, who is overseeing the hearings, could be supportive with that, having already raised a similar scenario. What if a adolescent Muslim homosexual, rejected by his ancestor because of his sexual orientation, goes to see a doctor and bumps into a nurse in a hijab? Such are the feverish imaginings of the Parti Quebecois leaders behind the Charter. Although there have been denial recorded cases of female Muslim doctors peering at the privates of offended citizens, you never know. Most of the support for the Charter comes from areas of Quebec where around are few Muslims anyway, so imaginations are free to run wild.

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